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Bronze Markers

Whether required by the cemetery or just personal preference, Grundler Monument Company can provide you with a premium memoralization in the form of a bronze marker. Bronze is called the "metal of the ages" as each passing year brings more inherent beauty. These makers can be mounted on a granite base which provides an attractive border and can include a bronze vase which when not in use is concealed in its below surface container.

Get quality workmanship at any budget

  • Bronze markers (lay flush to the ground, available in a variety of sizes)

  • Veteran markers (provided by Veteran's Administration for military and spouses)

Remember your loved one in the way that fits best:

Preserving the memory of loved ones since 1895.


An Enduring Tribute

Through the centuries bronze has been fashioned into statues, commemorative memorials and works of art.

Bronze Markers Bronze Markers