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Production Special Memorials

We are able to offer a special line of memorials at unbeatable pricing. Our supplier produces and stores certain styles for us as described below allowing us to provide a quality product at a very reasonable price.

They are available in domestic gray granite and feature (1) a plain steeled surface or (2) a polished edge with frosted panel or (3) one of several flat carved designs.

Each inscription includes 25 letters.

$10.50 each additional letter.

$157.00 for second inscription of 25 letters.

Price does not include cemetery foundation.

Flush Marker 24 x 12 x 4

Slant 24 x 10 x 16

Straight, oval or serpentine top

Rough cut top edge, sides and nosing.

30 x 12 x 6 base additional $378.00

Special Memorials1 Special Memorials2 Special Memorials3 Special Memorials4 Special Memorials5 Special Memorials6

Steeled Top          $655.00

Steeled face          $942.00

Polished Top with  Panel          $788.00

Polished edge with panel          $1,098.00

Panel and flat carving          $921.00

Panel and flat carving          $1,319.00

Pillow markers, double slants, single and double monuments also available.